Other Star Trek Ports and Versions

Other Star Trek Ports and Versions

UT Super Star Trek is a version written by David Matuszek and Paul Reynolds, with Modifications by Don Smith and M. Kellogg. It apparently is based upon Mike Mayfield's BASIC source, but it was totally rewritten into FORTRAN. It was submitted into the DECUS library, and is famous for having what came to be known as "The Thing". Variants of this strain can be distinguished by having an 10x10 grid instead of an 8x8 grid.

BSD Trek is apparently a port of UT Super Star Trek to C from FORTRAN. It was written by Eric Allman of Sendmail fame and is still included in the various BSD distributions although I believe Eric is no longer maintaining it.

XTrek was in comp.sources.games volume 1.

TREK73 was in comp.sources.games volume 3. William K. Char, Perry Lee, and Dan Gee wrote the initial TREK73 in BASIC. Dave Pare and Chris Williams translated the BASIC into C. Jeff Okamoto, Peter Yee, and others corrected and enhanced the code.

CTrek was in comp.sources.games volume 9. It has the distinction of being written in COBOL.

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