A Magical Night of Ballet

Tawnie Rose on Stage
Tawnie as one of the messengersThe Messengers relaxing

It was a magical night at the Antigua Cathedral Cultural Centre on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Oct 14, 2001, as The Dance Centre presented an evening of Cinderella along with a series of independent dances.

Everyone present was treated to a delightful experience, as tiny tot performers grabbed at heartstrings.

Special mention must be made of Tawnie Rose Bodine who showed real talent in her somewhat minor part as one of the messengers.

The presentation was choreographed by Joanne Bento, Mitzi Buckley, Celia Kelsick and Janelle Williams, the Staff of The Dance Centre. It was divided into four seperate scenes and a finale.

After the intermission, there were five seperate dance performances, each choreographed by one of The Dance Centre Staff.

No praise is high enough for all those who laboured to make the programme a Night of Delight. As Oliver Twist once said: "May I have some more please?"

Paraphrased from The Daily Observer, Monday Oct 15, 2001