Exit 7 on the Autobahn North from Frankfurt
This is on a steep hill heading into Mochmol
View from the hill
City Wall
Trains stop here often
One of the hotels
Summer flowers
City street just inside the wall
One of the guard towers
Decoration on wall near tower
This path leads from the outer wall to where the Castle once stood
The tower's Story
The sign translated to English.
When this tower was built is unknown. The owner in the 1300's was Herren von Duern, from 1287 Herrenvon Hohenlohe. In 1445 sold to Ludwig IV from Pfalz. In 1504 the City was under siege for six days from Herzog Ulrich von Wuertenberg. In 1519 defended Goetz von Berlichingen then called Vogt Herzog Ulrich the castle against the Schwaebischen Bund. He was captured on 11 May. In 1902 the castle was in the hands of the local government. It was sold to General Gustav von Alensleben and his wife Gabriele ( maiden Name Von Berlichinen). They moved in to the Castle and renovated it. It is in private owner ship since.
The Tower, orginally called the Bergfried, today called Goetzenturm is 10 meters diameter and has total height of 38 meters. There was an apartment in the attic for the tower guards from 1529 to 1900
View from Castle
Town church
Rathaus (city hall)
City square, contains a statute of Meta and her Mill wheel. MochMull is middle german for Meta's Mill. Meta was a roman miller.
Another city street
City fountain, built in the seventies?
Plaque on the Rathaus, (restored in the 1970's)
Town church
Church Plaque
Auld Haus
Grandmother and child statue in church garden
Another Old Haus
Another old house
This house is mine and never the less not mine who before was s' be also its who does not come to me must also outside therefore my friend whom is this house
House built 1717
Brick layer's store front
Steigenweg River
Foot bridge from town to shopping center
I thoght this was a big old house, I drove over to discover it is a mill
Stegenweg Upstream
Looking up towards tower from river
Schul Haus
Ducks on Stegenweg
My Hotel (the old post office) 48 euro
At the top of the hill near town is a new village. This is the viilage green.
Old Hause near train station
Alley behind the houses near train station
There is a puppet troupe in town.
Isla Sauer and Marie Elees Kibler, Volunteer Archivists