Terse CNet MP3 Review table

created October-November 2007 by Thomas Bodine

The following is a snapshot of C|net's MP3 reviews that can be found at C|Net

Tawnie wants an MP3 player. I wanted to know what is out there so I delayed sailing to build this up. After I got back from sailing and traveling to Virginia, I looked at prices and availability. So far I've looked at Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

I couldn't find many of the devices listed in the above review table at the stores I checked. I did a search for the devices I found in the stores by name on Google(tm). I found some of them on Cnet, some on Engadget and some elsewhwere. Where I found a review I put a link to it with the brand name in this table.
  Observed Prices in Austin TX
Linked to reviews
Capacity Cnet Grade Best BuyTargetRadio ShackWalmart
  Archos AV 500 30GB 8.3       $170.00
450.00 Apple Nano fifth generation 30 GB flash 8.3        
  Apple Nano 8 GB flash   $200.00     $199.00
  Apple Shuffle 1 GB flash   $80.00 $80.00   $80.00
  Apple Shuffle 4 GB flash   $150.00      
100.00 Apple IPOD Nano 2GB flash 8.3        
160.00 Apple iPod 20GB Hard Drive 8.3        
180.00 Apple iPod 4th gen 40GB Hard Drive 8.3        
60.00 Creative Zen V 2GB Flash 8.3        
  Creative Zen V 1GB Flash     $40.00   $40.00
  Creative Zen V 4GB Flash     $110.00   $40.00
  Insignia Pilot 4GB Flash   $140.00      
  Insignia Sport 2GB Flash   $ 90.00      
  Insignia   1GB Flash   $ 55.00      
  Memorex MMP8640 4GB Flash     $120.00    
  Microsoft Zune 30GB Hard Drive         $200.00
  Muvo   1GB 7.3       $ 42.00
  NextPlay No reviews, but I
found answers to
questions about it on Yahoo.
1GB Flash No Grade, but   $ 65.00   $200.00
  Phillips GoGear 8GB         $168.00
  Phillips   30GB         $350.00
  RCA RD2212 1GB 6.3       & 43.00
80.00 Samsung Yepp YP-55 1/4 GB flash 8.0        
  Samsung T-9           $130
  Samsung T-10       $130.00    
150.00 Samsung Yepp YP-Z5 4 GB flash 8.0        
150.00 Samsung YP-K5 2GB flash 8.3        
  Sansa 1 GB MP3 Player
This review is outstanding!
1GB flash       $55.00  
  Siren   4GB         $100.00
120.00 Sony NWZ-A815 2 GB flash 8.0        
  Sony NWZ-s616 4GB flash 8.0   $120.00    
150.00 Sony NWZ-A816
The Only reviews I could
find were not in english
4 GB flash 8.0        
180.00 Sony NWZ-A818 8 GB flash 8.0        
200.00 iRiver Clix 4 GB 8.7        
200.00 Creative Zen 8 8GB Flash 8.3        
200.00 Samsung YP-K5 4GB flash 8.3