Tom Bodine's Leather Projects

The problem was I had this multitool I bought at Academy. It is very handy, but the cloth holster it came with became useless vey quickly. First the belt strap pulled apart. I glued it back several times. Each time it would only last a week or two before it fell apart again. Next the bottom of the holster pocket wore through. It could no longer hold the knife. Silicon glue fixed this a few times, but it would eventually fail.

I looked around for a leather replacement. I thought leather would be more durable. I could find none the right size for this thing. So I thought I'd find someone to make me one. I put an advertisement on craigslist. I asked around at Tandy leather and could find no one.

I decided to make my own, bought some leather and the tools to work it, only $150. The smallest piece of leather they had was 3 square feet.

Then I set down at the computer to design my holster. The process went this way. I would draw a design with Delta Cad. Then I would print it, and cut out the pattern, fold and glue to make a model to see if it would hold the knife.

Original Knife Holster Design

The above design was the one I posted in my craigslist advertisment. After playing around with different versions, I settled on this design. I was going to leave it plain leather, but decided it was to garish that way.

The pattern I used for the

After I finished the holster, I still had a few square feet of leather. I was looking around for a project that would put this stuff to good use. I bought a new smart phone, a Blue Dash 4.0. It is bigger than my old HTC-one, so I needed a new phone holster!

This was a little easier, since I had two holsters for my smaller HTC phone. I just needed to super-size the old one, which is what I did. Three days from concept to holster is all it took.

Phone Holster Pattern
The small square in the
upper lefthand corner is 1
inch on each side