Tom Bodine's Logger

Tom Bodine's Logger is an application I wrote for the first time in my first job after college. The idea of the logger is to keep track of what ever I am doing at any given time. If I make intelligent, useful entries then these can be used to reconstruct what I did to make something work at some time in the past.

When first created, it was a shell script that would launch from my .login file and then run once an hour. It would open an xterm with a vi session open, I would make my entries, upon exit these would be added to the log.

You can download the entire packageHERE.

A Macintosh OS-X version is HERE.

This version is written using Auto IT and runs only in Microsoft Windows. It relies on the AT service of Windows, which became broken at the release of windows 7. I have a work around that involves using the task scheduler instead, discussed here.

Using the Task Scheduler

  1. Start the Task Scheduler
  2. Create a Task
  3. Set it to at log on of a specific user
  4. Add a Trigger
    1. Begin task at log on
    2. Repeat task every 1 hour
  5. Add an action which starts a program
  6. Log off, then log back in and the logger should pop up

If the at service works (Windows XP and before) then you might just schedule it to run at log in, then the user and the Logger can take it from there.

This is Free software, it is probably buggy as a roach infested Univac, so beware. It doesn't eat my hard drive. I can't say what it'll do once it leaves my power