Farrier 25 For sale in Austin Texas

She needs some love

The original Farrier 25 sailor, built it from scratch in 1995-1996 in his own back yard. It was made with a balsa wood core. The Mast and folding Ama supports were bought and shipped from Australia

Today the Board of Dialogue Producing Consortium a 501C3 asks $14,000 for this once fast Farrier and trailer. The trailer alone is valued over $2k. In lieu of removing it from the CEO's back yard. The sailor abandoned her, donating his $120k boat to the Consortia so he could let go of her for always and always.

Though none of our nine dialoguemaker board members is a sailor, we'd prefer a reasonable price than to see it take up valuable space indefinitely. [Personally, Kellog never ever asked me to keep the Farrier on my place. So my heart has not been committed to its disposition. Getting rid of it is a priority indeed; but more than that is a dire need for resources for the Consortia most especially for our Latin American projects.]

Help our Board get a new CEO and new Board to take the reins. Sincerely, Kenneth Koym, CEO email koymkg@gmail.com

Port Forward Quarter
There is lichen
growing on the boat
The mast and Ama
Hinges were purchased
and shipped from
Starboard aft quarter
Port Ama
Port Ama aft support
Never could get this
port side trampoline
to stay in this track
Starboard Ama Support
Starboard Ama Forward
Interior starboard
Forward view interior
Port side interior
Power panel
Port side Interior
Fowrad interior view
Orignial expensive
Carbon fiber? Sail
In bow looking aft
interior-- one must
lie down for this shot
Bow storage Locker
The hatches are about
2 foot square
This is the result of
setting the fiber
glass in winter--this
is starbord side
The trailer is for a
30 foot pontoon boat
Trailer has two
wheels each side and
some tires are flat