Nissan Outboard Gas Tank

I have had my West Wight Potter Frimi for 16 years. Recently her Nissan 5 hp motor started leaking Gas. So I went online to order a new one, I found the website for Nissan parts. But they didn't have any parts for my motor. After searching through the forums I found that Tohatsu actually made this motor. I also found that they had the tank, but they only had three, and it is discontinued, so when this one fails, I may not be able to get a new one.

So I am looking for suggestions on how to fix it. There were/are two problems with the tank.

  1. The spout at the top is made of hard plastic. The threads on it break off, especially if one tightens it too much. Once this happens the lid will not stay on
  2. The hose on the bottom cracked, which caused the leak. This hose is fused with the bottom of the tank, thus when it breaks, the easy fix is to buy another tank

What can I replace the spout with that will be more durable?

How can I replace the hose with out damaging the rest of the tank in a fashion that will last another 16 years?

Forgive the pictures below they are a little fuzzy, and Thanks

"New Gas Tank Side
"Tank Coupling to
shut off valve"
" Tank Coupling to
shut off valve"
"New Tank Cap"
"New Tank Cap"
"Rear view of Tank
"Rear view of Tank
"Old Tank Coupling
(would heat shrink fix
this good enough for
another 16 years?)"
Old Tank coupling
Old Tank coupling
Old Tank Lid and the
threads break off
easily and even with
the new one
Old tank cap and How
can I make this more
Old Tank Lid
Old Tank Lid Top