Looking at 27 foot Nimble Kodiak

I have settled on the Nimble Kodiak for my eventual USA Loop craft. I intend to travel the loop from Brownsville Texas to Duluth MN via the Intracostal waterway and the great Lakes when I retire. I choose this boat since it has a pilot house which sports 6' 3" of headroom and is trailerable. I hope with this head room my sweetheart might visit me in ports of call along the way.

As a way to determine if I made the right choice I proceeded to look at three of these boats.

Charlie McDermott's in Sacramento California was well kept clean and only sailed in fresh water

It has an electric motor which with the battery bank on board has a 5 hour cruising range.

Charlie has owned the boat a couple of years and has kept it on Lake Tahoe until recently. He has sailed it himself usually alone. He says its easy to dock using the joy stick.

It has a winch to raise and lower the main mast. This would be handy while transversing low bridges.

Standing Headroom
on Bob's Boat
Standing Headroom
Charlies Boat

Bob Stoltenberg's sits in Halletsville Texas. It has a twenty horse outboard and a 5 gallon tank. According to John Linn this gives a range of about 3 hours per tank. Of course one can get other tanks and jerry cans to easily increase motoring range. Since its a sail boat, motoring will not be the main method of propulsion when I get one.

Bob bought the boat last year from a paraplegic man in Wyoming. He wants to motor the boat only, so He has removed the mast. He has the mast and two sets of sails in his shed. there is a gin pole on the trailer which allows the raising and lowering of the mast when the boat is on the trailer. With out the onboard winch that Charle has on his boat, traveling the canals where bridge clearance is low will be problematical.

Bow view of
on Bob's Boat
Chalie's Boat

In Aransas Pass, I found this Kodiak sitting beside the road. It belongs to Luis Gonzalez, 956-645-0687, who has had it about a year. I feel that he obtained it after the hurricane. There seems to be no damage, so I assume it was on the trailer at the time out of the wind.

This boat has an inboard 15hp Yanmar 2GYM motor. I don't know the tank capacity, but the tank sits under the port side cockpit seat. I assume its at least 5 gallons, this yields 6 hours per tank.

The inboard diesel bothers me since it smells up tha cabin with diesel. Over time one gets use to this but it would put off the wife.

The other problem with the inboard is difficulty of maintainance. it is difficult to get to many parts of the engine since it sits in a box that is flanked by the starboard side bunk, and the port side potty. Also one must be either small or a contortionist to reach the transmission filler cap.

When I viewed it, Luis was replacing the fuel filter.

Luis' Diesel


At this time I am not ready to buy another boat, since Frmi serves me well in my current situation, and retirement is still some time in the future. When I do buy a Kodiak, it will most likely have an outboard motor. If I can get one of those Diesel outboards available in Europe, that would be even better.