Tom Bodine's Sailing Resume

As for my sailing experiences. I joined the navy in 1980. After boot camp I attended Radar school in Vallejo California. I took my basic sailing class there. I sailed Lazers, and twenty four foot day sailers owned by the Naval Training center Yacht club.

Skipper Tom

Then I went to Japan and sailed on an aircraft carrier then a heavy cruiser out of San Diego. This didn't require any ability on my part, I was a radar tech the real sailors are Bosuns Mates. After the Navy, Connie and I took sailing courses at the San Diego State University Student Boat house. I sailed around Mission Bay in Lasers and Dingys.

In 1995 I was living in Austin Texas and I saw a small sailboat was for sale at work. I bought this boat it was a 10' cat-rigged Dingy I sailed her in the lakes and in the bays around Texas for a year. I was dis-satisfied with the size of the boat as I wanted to take the family and friends out for sailing trips.

I bought a West Wight Potter 19' boat in 1998. Her name is Frimi. I sailed her in the same places I sailed the 10' boat. I took friends out on day sails. I camped on Lake Travis, Galveston Bay, and in Laguna Madre, a salt water bay along the Texas Coast. I wrote some stories about her which you can find on my home page

In 1999 I tried to sail to Corpus Christi from Houston. I realize now I was going the wrong way. Bad luck and my lack of experience caused me to not finish the trip.

I got a job in Antigua, in the West Indies. I bought an Ericson 32 named Badger. I planned to sail back to the US. So to prepare, I sailed with the Jlly Harbor Yacht club in weekly races. I sailed around Antigua. I saile to Barbuda, and twice to Guadeloupe, as far south as Basseterre, wher I stopped off to climb Mont Sufrer.

In February through March 2002, I sailed from Antigua on board Badger with two crew. First Ron and his Girl friend Kat, then Fred and George sailed with me. Ron, Kat and I sailed to Nevis, St Kitts, St Barts, St Martin, Virgin Gorda, and Tortola in two weeks. Then Fred and I sailed to St Thomas, and Pueto Rico where I picked up George and we sailed on to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, Great Inagua, Great Hook Island, Charlestown Bahamas, Nasau Bahamas and Ft Lauderdale Florida. My father joined me and we sailed through the intracostal canal to the Okeechobee waterway, across Florida to Ft Meyers Florida. Then we sailed north agin through the intracostal waterway past St Petersburg, and Clearwater Florida. I hauled the boat in Tarpon Springs Florida and sold her.

From 2002 til the present I have been sailing Frimi, my 19 foot West wight Potter in San Diego Bay, Lake Travis, Canyon Lake, and Clear Lake near Houston all in Texas.

In 2008 I participated along with Chris and his cousin in the Texas 200, a four day cruise along the Texas coast in the Intracoastal water way from Port Mansfield to Port Aransas. A picture of our capsite at Motts Landing is here: Boats at Pauls Mott, Frimi is the tird boat back

In 2010-2011 I put Frimi in Highland lakes marina and took people out in about every other weekend as a member of the Austin Sailing Society .

Since the water in Lake travis had become so low, that launching there became expensive, in 2013, I started sailing in Decker Lake, a small cooling lake for the Decker power plant. It always has water and its easy to launch there for just $10.00.

I continue sailing to this day.