ReadAscii a python module to read ArcGIS Rasters

ArcGIS rasters are fabulous things, they are GIS databases that contain all the information about the area you are studying. ArcGIS has a multitude of ways you can manipulate rasters. Sometimes you might want to perform other operations on a raster than those available in ArcGIS.

If you save a raster in the ASCII format then this module will allow you to load it into a 2D list or a list of lists where each list is a row of the matrix the raster represents.

Files in this package
Bad_TooLong.ascA File containing too many rows.
Bad_tooSkinny.ascA File containing a row that has too few columns.
Bad_TooWide.ascA File containing a row that has too many columns .
Good.ascA file that is just right
ReadAscii.pyThe Read Ascii Module
readAsciiTest.pyA Test to test the module's functionality
tbodineFunctions.pyAn sample IOT Router object

Tom Bodine's Permutation Generator A solution to the problem Find all the possible permutations of a given character string.
Tom Bodine's clearColRowOnZero A solution to the problem clear row and column for an array where ever a cell is zero
swap2numbers swap two numbers with out using extra memory
Parse_Cisco_hardware_ClockBreaks out the parts of the hardware clock output using a regular expression
 nothingless than nothing

Html Named Color Table

I created this table of named HTML colors Color Picker, since I find them easier to read than Hexadecimal.