A Visit to Granny Holland's Uncle Peter's Farm

I was working near St Louis at Scott AFB when mother asked me to visit Metamora and find out about some dead realtives. So I had some spare time and figured I could drive there do something and drive back in about six hours. So I went.

On the way she changed my destination to Eureka Illinois, where there is an active historical society.

The Historical society is housed in the offices of the town paper and is across the street from the county court house. Even though they usually are only open on wednesdays and I was there on thursday, the lady in charge came in to help me anyways. Mom wanted to know all kinds of things, but since I only had two hours, she asked me to look up Peter Smith, my great great uncle who served in the civil war. This is what I found.

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Location of Uncle Peter's Farm
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Worth Township Platmap, showing Peter's farm
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Peter's farm on a 1910 road map
Patsy Holland Bodine got this letter from the historical society of Eureka Illinois when she was looking for Peter The tax payer record for my Great Great Grand Father John T and His son Peter Smith The original for the tax payer record
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Eureka Historical Society where I got all
this information
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Eureka Court House
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Road to Farm
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Neighbor's Field
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Partridge Creek runs just south of farm
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Farm as seen from Bridge
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As seen from the road further south
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As seen from the road at mail box
I didn't knock or call. The Mc Phersons own the place now.
OakWood Cemetary

On the way to the farm, I visited Oakwood Cemetary, which is on the road to Uncle Peter's (and Grandfather John's) Farm.

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Alta (a relative?)
The only relative I knew for sure is related is Mrs Ramage, Mom mentioned her on the phone. On second thought, looking at the plat map the Streids were next door neighbors to Peter, So I think John C. is John T. Smith's son who married Josephine Streid, the girl next store. Romantic isn't it.
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Gerald (a relative?)
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Swifts (relatives?)
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John T. Smith's infant son?
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John C. Smith (John T's son?)
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Mildred (a Relative?)
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Nelson (relative ?)
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Great Aunt Liz
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Looks like she died when Johnny Louis Smith was born
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They had a really big stone, somebody loved them.
St Louis River Front
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Mc Kinney Bridge
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The Boat I took the Mississippi tour on.
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Martin Luther King (was Veterans) Bridge St Louis Mo
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Why close this road?
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Looking at St Louis from River
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New Casino and St Louises Arch
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Clark and Louis are wading, but Boe (the dog) is
drowning. The river was 23 feet above Normal.