Chisholm and Grand Rapids, Minnesota

by Tom Bodine

I spent another weekend in Minnesota in September 2007. I had failed to reserve the weekend in Duluth where I was working. Since I had to leave the hotel, I thought I'd look up a interesting place to go. I found Chisholm Minnesota on Google. These are shots I took on the trip. I traveled from Duluth to Chisholm. I stayed in the Chisholm Suites hotel. I visited Iron world which was built to celebrate the cultures of the people who came to mine in the Iron Range. Then I visited the Minnesota Mining Museum which celebrates the machinery of mining.

On the way back I stopped in Grand Rapids to see the Mississippi. After I got there I remembered that Grand Rapids is famous for being the furthest north one could travel on the Mississippi by boat.

It was a pleasant couple of days.

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Sign marks Continental Divide at rest stop on highway 53
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Trees at rest stop
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Minnesota is planting trees on mine tailings to pretty them up.

This hill is south of Iron World in Chisholm.

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Iron Man Statue across from Iron World
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Fall Foliage in Chisholm, MN
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Walk way in front of Iron world museum
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Minnesota Mine Museum Yard
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Diamond Drill
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Mine Shovel Scoop
Thumb for 10electricshovel.jpg (779 KB)
Electric Shovel
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Driver's view of Electric Shovel
Thumb for 12dynamo.jpg (777 KB)
Electric Shovel Dynamos, Driver's view
Thumb for 13dynamo.jpg (778 KB)
Dynamos close up
Thumb for 14oldminetruck.jpg (786 KB)
Mine truck from the 1930's
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Mine truck from the 1970's
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Driver's view of large mine truck
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Another reclaimed tailing in Hibbing, MN
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Greyhound started in Hibbing, MN. This is their museum.
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Red Foliage in Hibbing's park
Thumb for 20bobdylandrive.jpg (788 KB)
Bob Dylan has a street in Hibbing, MN.
Thumb for 21ironmanside.jpg (759 KB)
Iron Man's Profile
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Foliage on the way to Grand Rapids.
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Wizard of OZ murial in Grand Rapids, MN
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Monument at the Mississippi crossing in Grand Rapids.
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Mississippi crossing
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View of paper mill dam across Mississippi
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You wont see these in texas. Power outlets for engine block heaters. This is the executive lot, but the workers' lot had them as well.
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Turning tree in the papermill's park.
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The lake behind the damn in Grand Rapids
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This residential section near the mill has a nice little forest.
Thumb for 31cityforest.jpg (772 KB) Thumb for 32groundcover.jpg (796 KB)
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Mississippi down stream