Our Bus from Seguin
Downtown Galveston
Historical Docks
Passing Galveston Breakwater
Can you see Bolivar?
Our first Dinner
View of Shore and Lucea
Looking towards Rose Hall
Handy Bay
Morning Sea North of Jamaica
Comming into Montego Bay
Montego Bay Harbor West
Montego Bay Park?
Montego Bay Container Dock
Cruise Terminal Shopping
Descriptive Auto Insurance Sign
Heading up Jungle Road
House and Tree
Banana Tree
Blue Flower
More Blue Flowers
Irie Bar
Red Tropical Flower
Herbal Remedy
Coffee Field
Cashew Nuts
Almond Tree
Coffee Screen
Mountains called Dolly Parton
Coffee Bush Close Up
The Honey bee lecture was given here
This blue flower looks bluer to the naked eye
Examples of different pineapple types
We tasted the different types
I found Cowboy tastiest
Bread Fruit Tree
Connie's tree: the Jew Plum
Kola Nut Tree
Kola Nut Sign
Jack Fruit
We were given a taste of the tropical fruit we had seen.
The plantation grows Red Ginger (Antherium) for sale to local florists.
m(can't think of name) bush taken from bus on the way down the mountain
The pleathora of life in the tropics still astounds me.
Bamboo growing in the mountain side, in the shade
down the mountain
The village of Marchmont welcomes you.
Varigated bushes grow wild here.
Jamaican Valley
Jamaican school children thronged the road after school was out.
after 40 minutes going down the mountain, we see the sea
The lower end of our mountain road.
The city cemetary in Montego Bay
Carnaval from the bus
The next day we arrived in grand cayman. We failed to book a tour
Grand Cayman in the morning
Grand Cayman in the morning
Grand Cayman in the morning
The morning sea, Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman Coast Guard
Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Pat Bodine poises with a pirate
Pat Bodine poises with Black Dick
N church street looking south, Grand Cayman
Elmslie Church, George Town, Grand Cayman
Hibiscus Growing Outside a Bank in Grand Cayman
Purple Bouganvilla Near the Pharmacy
Tommy Bodine Jr at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritavilla Grand Cayman
Tommy poses with a Pirate