Connie would love this place. It sells used clothes from Japan to Koreans in Songtan.
The view looking North East from the bridge leading to the bus station in Songtan Korea.
Toms Trip to Korea December 2008

I went to Korea to work on an access control system.

On the way I stopped in San Francisco and had a five hour layover. It was such a long layover, I was tempted to go visit my old lover's grave. Desiring to remember her as she lived rather than mourn her as she's dead, I decided not to do so and spent that time in the airport reading.

I arrived at airport in Incheon at 7:00pm so I spent the night at the Marriot Hotel which runs a shuttle from the airport. If one was brave enough, one could walk to the hotel easily. It isn't more than half a mile.

Fearing that I wouldn't be able to find my way to the Airbase, I rode the Military Services Bus to the Base. This was a mistake for two reasons. Primarily it was expensive. The services bus costs $35.00. There is an airport express bus that runs to Songtan, the location of the base, which costs just 1500 won or about $11. Secondly since I do not have a military identification card, I couldn't ride the bus inside the base and had to leave it at the base's gate. This mistake cost me 4000 won that will not be reimbursed by my employer as I have no receipt.

I didn't do much recreation out of fear and fatigue. I was fearful since I couldn't read or speak Korean, it appeared that most Korean's don't speak english, and I didn't want to be stranded far from base when it was time for work or sleep. I was fatigued since my internal clock was set 13 hours behind the local time. I used my tendency to awake a two AM to prepare for the work I had to do during the day. I was successful this trip since I was able to write the software I required to make my access control system work as the customer required, using this extra time.

The only recreation I took during the trip was to ride the "Airport Express" from Songtan to Incheon on Saturday. I did this to ensure that I could make to the airport in time to make my plane when the time came to leave. In this way I found out that there is a large Osan Bus station which is a long way from Osan Airbase. I think if I had taken the civilian bus when I had arrived, then I might have gotten off at this station confused and spent some frustrating hours trying to find the base.

On Sunday I walked around Songtan.

There were two facts that I found interesting during my trip. The first is the apparent prosperity of the country. It certainly seems much more proseperous than it was in 1985 when I was there last. The second is the plethora of churches. There were steeples everywhere, anywhere I went. This I found different from my Japenese experience.

The view looking south down the Rail road from the bridge leading to Songtan Bus station.
Looking North along Railroad in Songtan. Note the churches. There are a lot of churches in Songtan and throughout Seoul's environs.
For some reason I was struck by the lack of national flags on display. This was the first I saw on my trip to the airport.
This looks like a control tower for the river Han.
Han River Seoul
Looks like a nice park along the Han river, Seoul Korea
I crossed Yeongjong Bridge bridge on the way to the airport.
High Tides in korea mean several square miles of flood plain are visible at lowtide. Each time I passed this area was low tide.
Middle of Yeongjong Bridge.
Control Tower over train station at Incheon Airport
View of high class homes on the way to Songtan Park.
Band stand pagoda in Songtan Park
Graves at the top of the hill in Songtan City Park. I heard a stupid conjecture by an american airman that the Koreans bury their dead sitting up. This was falacious. The earth was packed into a mound shape to prevent water seepage. Korean Funeral Rites
One of the churches (far back in Picture) in Songtan
Road heading South East of Osan Air Base, Songtan Korea
Cartoons from Korean Nursery Rhymes
I wonder what their stories are?
Wish I could get one of these state side. It looks like it has a 650 cc or smaller engine.