Tawnie Rose Bodine's 16th Birthday Party

Saturday December 8, 2007

The party started at Olive Garden
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Amanda Tawnie Marney
Thumb for 02mattraccon.jpg (111 KB)
Matthew Tracy Connie
Eric the waiter
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Allyssa Tracy Matthew
Thumb for 04marminar.jpg (87 KB)
Marney Mimi Narissa
Thumb for 05amataw.jpg (105 KB)
Amanda Tawnie
Thumb for 06allytal.jpg (104 KB)
Allyssa Taylor Matthew
Tracey Await food
Thumb for 07mattrac.jpg (94 KB)
Matthew shoots straws
Thumb for 08amantawmon.jpg (73 KB)
Tawnie mugs for camera
Thumb for 09tawcak1.jpg (75 KB)
Tawnie blows out candle
on the restaurants cake
Thumb for 10matttracak.jpg (104 KB)
Mathew and Tracey
Thumb for 11signs.jpg (102 KB)
Tawnie Signs, Amanda
and Marney look happy
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Mimi and Narissa
Thumb for 13allysa.jpg (74 KB)
Thumb for 14allytrac.jpg (90 KB)
Allysa and Taylor
Thumb for 15contom.jpg (85 KB)
Young couple
Loving Life
Thumb for 16bdsong.jpg (95 KB)
Second Birthday Song
over Second cake
Thumb for 17greencake.jpg (104 KB)
Tawnie blows out second
candle on second cake
Thumb for 18marnbox.jpg (94 KB)
Marney hand decorated
this gift, a jewelry box
Thumb for 19camug.jpg (111 KB)
Tawnie tries to hide her
extreme joy.
The party moved to Austin Karaoke
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Allysa and Taylor
Thumb for 21amataw.jpg (83 KB)
Sining Cousins
Thumb for 22amataw.jpg (82 KB)
Amanda and Tawnie
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Thumb for 23contom.jpg (74 KB)
Connie and Tom
sing of Love
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Thumb for 24nartaylor.jpg (71 KB)
Narrissa and Taylor
Thumb for 25greencake.jpg (78 KB)
The green cake
travels well.
Thumb for 26tawsing.jpg (44 KB)
Connie Sings
Thumb for 27alymimi.jpg (74 KB)
Alyssa and Mimi
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Then Elvis entered the building and the Party changed character totally!
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Elvis enters
Thumb for 33elvis.jpg (58 KB)
Elvis enters further.
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Elvis Sings!
Thumb for 34tawamaz.jpg (70 KB)
Tawnie is Amazed!
Thumb for 35tawamaz.jpg (60 KB)
Tawnie is agast!
Thumb for 28elvistaw.jpg (45 KB)
Tawnie receives an Elvis
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The girls wave to the beat.
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Taylor is dumbfounded!
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Elvis and Tawnie Sing
Thumb for 39elvistaw.jpg (63 KB)
Elvis and Tawnie Sing
Thumb for 40elvistawbear.jpg (62 KB)
Elvis and Tawnie Sing
with the bear
Thumb for 41amaelvtaw.jpg (76 KB)
Amanda Sings with
Elvis and Tawnie
Thumb for 42girls.jpg (78 KB)
Girls have Fun
Thumb for 43elvtaw.jpg (58 KB)
Elvis Tawnie
and Bear
Thumb for 44elvtaw.jpg (77 KB)
Elvis Sings
to Tawnie
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Thumb for 46elvtaw.jpg (59 KB)
Thumb for 47amaelv.jpg (66 KB)
My mom will be
sooo jealous!
Thumb for 48amaelv.jpg (62 KB)
I am with Elvis!
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All had a great time.
Just 365 days till her 17th!