The Saga of my Trailer extension Project

The year 2006 was a dry year for Texas and Oklahoma. We had very little rain that whole year. We had grass fires that burned a few towns. There was so little water in Lake Travis that I could not launch my boat. The water was far below the ramps. The one time I tried, I nearly got the truck stuck and had to get help from the marina's four wheel drive.

Figuring that global warming was going to take my sailing away from me, I devised a scheme where I could launch my boat in low water with out getting the rear wheels of my two wheel drive truck wet.

I designed this trailer extension. I was traveling a lot that year, so I felt I wouldn't have enough time to build it. Furthermore I designed it to be welded, and my welding skills are rudimentary at best. So at first I asked on Craigslist for someone to build it for me. I wasn't too sure about the people who answered. I realized that even though I was gone a lot, when I was home I wasn't sailing, so I decided I could best use my time at home building a trailer extender.

Before I started I found another extender on the net for $350.00. I figure I spent less than $200.00 building this one.

Of course, after I did all this work, we had more rain this year than we have had for the last several. Every time I went sailing there was more than enough water in every lake. It did save me from having to spend extra money for a four wheel drive truck when I bought another one.

The Plan
The Materials would be:
  • Coupler 1 3/4 inch
  • Hitch Ball 1 3/4 inch
  • 2 inch galvanized square steel post
  • Nuts, Bolts, washers
The Implementation
Thumb for 01tegrnd.jpg (189 KB)
The extension before it is mounted
Thumb for 02tecouple.jpg (188 KB)
The trailer coupling viewed from truck
Thumb for 03tehitch.jpg (156 KB)
The truck end of the extension
Thumb for 04terear.jpg (233 KB)
The rear end top
Thumb for 05terearbot.jpg (144 KB)
The rear end bottom
Thumb for 06terearside.jpg (146 KB)
The rear end side
Thumb for 07teresult.jpg (104 KB)
This is how far my trailer goes into the water
Thumb for 08terestruck.jpg (129 KB)
without getting the trucks tires wet
The actual materials were
  1. 10 foot square tube 1 1/2" wide, with 1/16 inch wall, cut to eight feet.
  2. 1 each 1 7/8 inch reciever
  3. 1 each 1 7/8 inch ball
  4. 6 bolts ( 6 inches long), nuts, lock washers and flat washers
  5. 4-6 feet threaded Rod.
  6. 5 Saturdays in January and February
Thumb for 09frimi.jpg (102 KB)
SS Frimi after sailing up wind all day.
Thumb for 10rodsm.jpg (15 KB)
The extension after Frimi is back on the trailer